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                We seek to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to safely guide beginners and practitioners through the transformational benefits of  movement with breath.


      Dedicated to bringing ease and flow into our own lives, we have cultivated a program of classes suitable for all ages, in a non-intimidating and friendly environment. When you walk into the studio, you are walking into your  studio. Each time you step onto your mat, you come away transformed.



     Classes are everyday (schedule here) and we offer a 200 hour Teacher Training Course three times a year, click here to find out more. Come and deepen your practice with us! Our weekly schedule and training course covers a range of Yoga modalities including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and Slow Flow.




Miranda Fontenot

Founder of Yoga Y'all, Miranda's passion for sharing and practicing yoga has driven her vision for making yoga  available for everyone, in a non-intimidating environment. 

 For the past 6 years she has been training teachers and helping many deepen their practice. The RYS certified 200 hour Teacher Training Course occurs three times a year for anyone interested in learning how to teach or to deepen their own practice.  

"Yoga teaches us not only to be kind to ourselves through our transformations on the mat, but to learn unity and flow in our daily lives."

Matthew Duplichan

Stormi fell in love with yoga while taking her first class. Since becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher, she has made it her mission to share that love with everyone! She wants you to leave everything at the door and take an hour vacation to focus on just you and your practice. Her classes deliver a powerful, playful, and heartfelt sequence that always ends with a smile. "Yoga is for everyone! So have fun, let go, smile often, and find your flow!" 

Stormi Sonnier


 Matthew has taught Ashtanga, Yin, Slow Flow, Vinyasa and Acro Workshops. He approaches teaching with the belief that the practitioner’s breath is the true teacher, a reliable guide that always knows where the body can safely go. “Learning to know yourself through your practice and cultivating a healthy self-love through patience and compassion is a big part of the yoga journey.” He brings together traditional yoga with creative flows that work your breath and focus, empowering you to own your practice as an integration of mind, body, and spirit, both on and off the mat. 

Matthew Duplichan


"Connection with the students is one of the most important aspects of my teaching. I love to assist them in experiencing the blissful union of body, mind and spirit that comes with practicing yoga. I am passionately engaged in a personal practice as well. By giving students a judgement-free environment to practice, they learn to breathe and feel good in their bodies. The hope is that students will step off their mat not only feeing refreshed and nourished but also carrying their practice into their daily lives."

Paula Gillard


Kevin Herrick


Yoga found me about 20 years ago at quite a dark time in my life. I stumbled into a small yoga studio expecting nothing. While in savasana, with mascara-laden tears streaming down, I thought, everyone in the world should feel this. It's without embellishment when I say yoga changed my life. Years later, I traded classroom teaching for studio teaching and have never looked back. It's such a gift I've been given to be able to share this beautiful practice with my students, and as with my former English students, I learn as much from them as they learn from me.  Namaste

Ellen Smith

Steven Fox


Steven Fox was introduced to the ancient practice of yoga through martial arts.  While practicing Hoshin Budo Ryu Jutaijutsu (Hoshinjitsu for short), his instructors taught him a version of the classic Sun Salutation and other postures to prepare the body and mind for training and to help reduce the risk of injury.  For the past twelve years Steven has been exploring the physical practice of yoga, immersing himself in yoga philosophy, learning about other similar systems, and integrating these experiences into a transformative lifestyle that promotes health and well being for all.  Steven completed the first teacher training program at Yoga Y'all and has been teaching a variety of styles of yoga in the Lake Charles area ever since.

Steven Fox


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